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GET YOUR BOTOX WHILE WE CHANGE YOUR TIRES! REALLY?  Everyone from your dentist to your vet is injecting Botox.  I often see Botox and on Groupon for less than what I know the cost is. How can this be?  Either it’s watered down or they are trying to get you hooked and build their business, or, even worse, it’s not an authentic product.

BEWARE:  Anyone (no MD required) can take a botox injection course in a weekend.  They can then order the tox over the internet and just start injecting whatever into you. Their malpractice insurance may not cover injectables or they may not even have it.  So if you are getting a really great price, stop and consider why.


  1. Infection.  The product must be mixed properly (it doesn’t come ready to use) and administered according to OSHA guidelines.   I have treated infections (done elsewhere!) and actually had to cut the face to remove dead tissue.
  2. Facial drooping lasting 3 months.  This is always a risk but happens less often in experienced hands.
  3. Death.  This is rare but has happened.

ADVICE:  Choose an MD who specializes in Aesthetic Medicine and has years of experience as they will know how to correct complications.  Tox changes the muscle activity over time and your treatment will change too.  You could actually spend more money in the long run if your injector is not aware of this.

We have been injecting Botox and for 22 years and now there’s Xeomin.  They both work great so see our photos.  We inject the lines between the brows, on the forehead, lip lines, crows feet and frown lines. Often patients want a wrinkle to “go away” and request Botox/Xeomin but what they really need is a filler. That’s great as fillers last longer than Botox/Xeomin. But often, they want a filler and what they really need is Tox.   Botox is not inexpensive; if you want it to work like it’s supposed to and if you want the genuine, safe and appropriate strength product.

Here is the great news. Get Botox or Xeomin regularly, every 3 months. If you keep on schedule, after 4 to 8 treatments, you can gradually go to every 4 to 6 months. Botox does offer a rebate program and my office will tell you how to enroll and get money back. Think of it like this: If you get a massage, it’s awesome, but by the time you get back in traffic…..If you go to the gym, that’s awesome, but you have to go more than every 3 months to maintain the results! If you get this concept, then Botox and Xeomin are actually great deals.  If only we had to grocery shop every three months…

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Great News, there is an alternative to Botox.

You’ve heard of Dysport. I tried it and did not like the results which I’ll explain in your consultation.  Dysport was also the same price as Botox so why not stick with the tried and true?  NOW let me introduce to you XEOMIN. Tried it, LOVED IT! It is exactly the same as Botox, except for one side protein, which doesn’t matter in the overall effect, except I have found it can actually work faster. Lasts just as long, works just as well, AND IT IS LESS EXPENSIVE.  About 29% LESS than BOTOX. So if you hate your wrinkles but love your pocketbook…