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The Procedure

Micro-Needling is another procedure for skin rejuvenation that can be done on the face or body.  Basically, 32 micro-blades, the size of needles, make microscopic punctures in the skin and the instrument glides over the skin in multiple passes.  100% pure Hyaluronic Acid is used as a gliding agent and fills the punctures as the procedure is done, nourishing the skin as an added bonus.  The desired result is skin rejuvenation through collagen induction.

There is a lot of false science and gimmicks associated with this procedure.  The Derma Pen Company (NOT the instrument we use; ours is called the Collagen Pen) was ordered by the FDA to cease production.  Apparently, they classified the instrument to allow anyone to use it and they got into trouble.  Here are the facts:

Micro-needling, regardless of the name of the instrument used, breaks the skin.  By definition, micro-needling rejuvenates via “collagen induction”.  Collagen induction requires that the needles penetrate to the depth of the dermis, thereby injuring the dermis and thereby stimulating fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin.  Needles that penetrate this deep also cause bleeding.  I know our patients are quite bloodied up during the procedure.  The bleeding has all stopped and we clean you up before you leave so patients never realize how bloody it gets.

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Don’t Waste Your Money on Fake Treatments

This being explained, if you are getting micro-needling at a beauty parlor or spa, you are either wasting your money (they are not going deep enough to have an effect) OR you are having a medical procedure.  “Medical procedures” carry risks:  infections from bacteria (improper sterile technique);  viruses (from cross-contamination from other people’s blood- think HIV or Hepatitis- or from not pre-medicating in a patient with a history of fever blisters); and scarring (too little needling does nothing, too much causes scarring.  Why would anyone get micro-needling at less than a medical office or medical spa?  Mainly, they are not aware of what I just explained above and it’s cheaper.  Either way, you are wasting your money and you may be risking your life.