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The Procedure

Your skin color determines which laser will be used to achieve the best hair removal, and we have 4 different hair removal lasers to serve you. If you have tanned skin, the best results will be achieved when your skin is at its most natural color. Hair removal on tanned skin is not recommended and you need to avoid the sun after your treatment as well. All areas of the body may be treated but multiple treatments will be needed. This is because the hair has to be in the correct stage of its growth cycle in order for the laser to “kill” it. Treatment times are scheduled according to the body area treated because hair growth occurs at different rates on various body parts. We know all this so you don’t have to worry—just come when we say for the optimal results.

It doesn’t really “hurt”, sort of like a rubber band snapping you, but we have a freezing system and a suction tip to ease you through this. You should shave the area to be treated as close to your appointment time as possible.

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