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I find my male patients love CoolSculpting because it involves no incisions, no surgery, no compression garments and no downtime.

Released in September of 2010; I purchased my first Coolsculpt at the beginning of 2011. It seemed too good to be true (and what did your Mama tell you?). But for the first time ever, we demoed the machine and got the same amazing results touted in the brochure. Mama didn’t know about Coolsculpt!

It’s like a “clamp” that sucks your fatty area up very tightly. As the freezing begins, it does hurt, but only for a few minutes and then you just stay still for an hour. After we “unhook” you, we massage the area and you just go on with your life. The area will be sore for a while but you can exercise and there is no girdle to wear like with liposuction. The fat cells that are treated undergo a type of cell death and are absorbed and eliminated by the body naturally. It is NOT a replacement for liposuction as it only removes 20 to 30% of the fat in the area and it can take up to 3 months to see the full results. But if you don’t want downtime or surgery, it is AWESOME.

You will hear about CoolSculpting that only takes 30 minutes.  I tried this, but in my practice, I did not see the same amazing results that we get with the hour procedure.  Sometimes faster is not better.

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It is not a free pass to gobble. The fat that is destroyed is gone forever, but as there are still fat cells left alive in the treated area, you can eventually gain weight there. I’ve found that with weight gain, one preferentially gains in other areas first, but the treated area will eventually expand as well.

About half of my Coolsculpt practice is correcting bad Coolsculpt outcomes. I’m seeing bad reviews on the internet and I hate to see such a great technology getting slammed. Since anyone with a doctor’s license can legally purchase the equipment, I expect to see it in my vet’s office any day now. I can legally buy a hammer, but you wouldn’t want me to build your house. When Coolsculpting is applied correctly, it is awesome. I strongly believe that a physician trained in liposuction, with a vast experience in liposuction, should evaluate and plan this procedure. You are still removing fat, right? I’m thrilled that it offers me a new tool, along with laser lipo and traditional liposuction, to treat my patients. I love that it keeps my patients out of the OR and girdles and gets them right back into their hectic lives. I use it every day, but it’s not always the right answer. When it is the correct choice, knowing how I would approach the problem with traditional lipo allows me to get the Coolsculpt results we want. If you walk into a “clinic” and the doctor does not have this knowledge-worse yet, you are not even seen by a doctor—RUN.