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Clear & Brilliant is a 1440 Diode Laser that can be custom tuned to do exactly what the name says:  makes your face clear & brilliant.  The settings we tune in depend upon the issues you want to address as determined at consultation and skin analysis. I tend to be a “go big or go home” kind of lady, but even if you just want a little glow for a special weekend, we can tune this laser for you.  We call it “baby Fraxel,” and although we numb you before the procedure, it’s quite tolerable and the results are worth it. This laser is usually done in a series with improvement seen after each treatment.  As with all lasers, there is a little “down time” ranging from a little pink for one day or up to 5 days.  1 to 2 days afterward, you will appear to have a tan, and your skin will have a sandpaper feel to the touch.  There is no real peeling with this laser per se, and the sandpaper feel is gone before you know it leaving you with a clear & brilliant face.

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