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Brachioplasty is a procedure performed to remove the “waggle” under or on the back of the arms. This can be the result of weight loss or be heredity. (thanks grandma!) After every attempt to exercise away this area results in “no results”, there is something I can do. Options include cutting away the excess skin and fatty tissues either with a scar down the back of the arm or in the armpit, liposuction, or Profound.

The scar down the back of the arm can be seen in short sleeves, but that’s the trade off and as one patient put it: “Yes there’s a scar down the back of my arm. Life is full of scars and before I couldn’t even squeeze these wings into a turtle neck sweater; you could still see the big bulges”. The armpit scar is much less noticeable. Laser lipo and Profound can also achieve unbelievable results. It all depends on what you require and your expectations. This will be determined at your initial consultation and examination and pricing will be determined as well, as the cost varies according to procedure.