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Blepharoplasty or “eyelift” can be done on the upper or lower lids, or both, at the same time or as separate procedures. This procedure is often a must if a facelift is being done, but if all you want to restore is the aging eye itself, then I can address just the eye area.

My patients are often delighted to hear that we can usually perform blepharoplasty in the office in an hour under local anesthesia. For the lower lid, the incision is placed just below the lash line and the upper lid incision is placed in the lid crease.  Alternatively, the incisions may be placed “inside” with no visible skin incision. Skin incisions essentially “disappear” over time. In both the upper and lower lids, excess skin is removed and any “bulges” are minimally trimmed and then “re-tucked” back to where they once were. I say minimally trimmed, as taking out all of the bulge results in a hollow look. Instead, a tiny bit is removed and the area tightened to hold the bulge back in to allow a youthful appearance versus an  eyeball-in-socket appearance- which we have all dreadfully seen! The sutures are removed at your next office visit. Often patients have minimal swelling and no bruising at all. However, bruising can occur but we have some therapies to help control this side effect. You can return to everyday activities a few days, but a strenuous exercise should delayed 4 to 6 weeks.


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Most people generally feel that they don’t want to start having procedures too soon as they don’t want to ever look “plastic”. Get minimal procedures sooner rather than later. Remember “less is better” and this is especially true for the eyes. Getting little interventions earliler, like Tox, fillers, lasers, Profound, and blepharoplasty will keep up the maintenance and hold off the major surgeries like a facelift.  Even if the day comes when a surgery is necessary, the results will look more natural and less drastic.