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The Procedure

Abdominoplasty is a major surgical procedure in which excess abdominal skin and fat are removed and the muscles of the abdominal wall are tightened. This procedure is particularly helpful to those who have abdominal excess due to weight loss or a tendency to have gained weight in this area over the years despite diet and exercise. Often pregnancies can stretch or “pull apart” the abdominal wall muscles to the point that no amount of diet and exercise will return their abdomen to its former shape.

But do you even need surgery?  We also do CoolSculpting and Profound procedures that may adequately address your needs.  The point is we have many solutions that will all be discussed when we meet you.

A Tummy Tuck will generally require a scar from hip bone to hip bone and a scar around the belly button. I am often surprised when I describe the scar and show patients the photos and they say “oh no, I don’t want that scar!” The scars seen in my photos, 6 weeks after surgery, considerably fade over a year’s time and can be generally be hidden under a bikini. But there’s no hiding the belly flap. Sure you can squeeze it in a Spanx-but it’s gonna sneak out somewhere. Besides, have you tired a spanx all summer?  I think NOT!


Now for the brutal truth:

Abdominoplasty requires that you wear a compression girdle for 6 weeks and you have drains for a week or two. This surgery is not for the weak, it hurts, but I do place nerve blocks and pain pumps in the OR to help you through it. I also send you home with leg pumps to help prevent blood clots, one of the possible complications. We will discuss all the risks and benefits in depth at your consultation.