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Southern Aesthetics Medical spa is a complement to the central practice, providing skin and body care that surgery cannot suffice. “For years I had tried every lotion and potion and facial on the market and finally decided I would put my degree in Chemistry to work. How are you supposed to know which product or procedure is best to address what issue?” In 2000 Dr Treece created Southern Aesthetics to answer just these questions for herself and her patients. “In committing to all this research, I was most astounded at how many toxic, cancer-causing ingredients are in our daily skincare office group picroutines.


Trained to Serve You with the Best Care

How can this be? These harmful ingredients are included at the FDA approved amounts, but think about how many products have them, from your shampoo to your makeup. Then think about the amounts you use over your lifetime.” Dr. Treece and Southern Aesthetics want to change this.

All products and treatments are pharmaceutical grade and designed and combined to get optimal results with as little downtime as possible. “We thoroughly test every product and Laser before we purchase it-on ourselves-so you can rest assured that what we offer the best of everything. We are constantly involved in market test studies and if we can’t find a product we want, we have it made. I think we should look as young as we feel, or, as I get older, looking young is just the goal! All this is a full time job and requires a village, so I’m grateful to have a caring team.”

Our Team is trained to serve you to the utmost: whether you’re seen for a concerning medical condition or a pampering massage. Most of the staff have undergone the procedures my patients seek and are a great resource. Since they have been through all upon which you are about to embark, they understand and are here to help. As medicine becomes more and more impersonal these days, you will find this Team refreshingly informative and down to earth.

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As Dr. Treece’s surgical and medical assistant, all I can say is I love my job. I had five years prior experience in the medical field before joining Southern Aesthetics, but Cosmetic Surgery has been a game changer for me both professionally and personally. I had been a long time Botox addict, but I had no idea how fillers and tox could be used together for an even greater outcome. As a woman, I understand how our patients think and feel. The most rewarding part of my job is to see the joy our patients get from even a minor procedure, not to mention the major results that are possible with surgery. I get so excited from THEIR results I start thinking “I want that too!” But Dr. Treece reels me back in: “you do NOT need a tummy tuck!” But I can tell you, her CoolSculpting technique does work wonders.

In addition to assisting Dr. Treece, I am our Spray Tan DIVA. I mix a custom color based on your skin tone using our FDA approved DHA (a non-toxic sugar) that is good for your skin and will not have your tan coming out like an orangutan-hehe! If you want a sunny glow without the risk of skin cancer, I’m your gal!

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During the past 20 years in the orthopedic field, I have seen many changes and not necessarily for the good. More and more doctors are combining their practices out of necessity. As this happens, the one on one patient connection is slowly diminishing. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to be the office manager for a doctor who still puts the patients first. This field is quite different from what I am accustomed too but I am excited for the future and the many challenges I will face. There is a true family feeling at Dr. Treece’s office that cannot be surpassed. Everyone who comes in as a stranger leaves as part of the family. I love the fact that I come into work and when a patient comes in I know their name and what’s going on with them personally. It gives me such gratification to know our patients come first and we do truly care for them.

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The medical spa field is full of constantly changing trends and services. Remaining at the forefront of this ever changing medical aesthetic world is not only important for me, but enjoyable! One of the many reasons I love working at Dr. Penelope Treece and Southern Aesthetics. Dr. Treece is always up to date with the latest and greatest of medical aesthetics. Having the most current technology and continuing education on all of our skincare lines and services is pivotal in our practice. With nearly 12 years of experience I am able to give our patients an individualized treatment protocol and skincare regimen. Ensuring our patients get the optimal results they have ever dreamed of! Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It is the first thing people see when they meet you and my absolute goal is to help you feel comfortable in your own skin. Be-YOU-tiful!!

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As one of our patient coordinators/administrative medical assistants, I enjoy helping patients throughout the surgical process. From the very beginning, meeting and greeting down to the final end results. Although there is no end to ones upkeep in looking fabulous 😉 I enjoy dedicating quality time with each patient. Listening to each patients need and concerns so that I am able to ascertain goals and assist in a plan for results. With previous experience at a plastic surgery facility, I am well rounded in providing assistance with scheduling, insurance, price quotes, products and certainly striving to help patients achieve their initial cosmetic and or medical goals. When I am not in the office, I enjoy volunteering in my children’s activities and spending time with friends/family and traveling.

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Courtney is a native Georgian, born in Conyers and moved to New Orleans in 2014. Courtney earned her Master Cosmetology license from the state of Georgia in 2009 and furthered her education at Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics in 2012, earning an additional aesthetic license. While working in a fast paced Dermatology clinic, Courtney continued her advanced training, earning the accreditations from the state of Arizona, as a nationally certified Laser Technician at the National Laser Institute. Courtney holds many additional certifications in the use of lasers and aesthetic procedures including: Photo facials, Fractional skin resurfacing, skin tightening/cellulite reduction, laser tattoo removal, chemical peels, facials, and micro needling. She is a Medical Laser Safety Officer and stays up to date with the ever changing world of lasers and Cosmeceuticals, always searching to provide state of the art treatments and products to achieve the best results.?

“I’ve always enjoyed watching each one of my patients blossom after seeing the results of each treatment, and integrating a daily skincare regimen.” ?
Her excellence in service, safety, and education is foremost while providing visible changes in their skin.